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👉Running on empty is so annoying🤨... Sometimes we do run🏃‍♀️ on empty and we must seek to fuel ourselves knowing that we need a source of empowerment and wisdom that goes beyond ourselves!
That is why it is so important to take steps to refresh 😊and renew ourselves.
We can do that daily in the word of God by meditation and seeking wisdom. This is key!🎯 But we also need to fuel our soul through friendships and connections. In this world that social distancing has forced us to stay distant we must work extra hard to keep those friends close. I’m not going to lie, for me it has been very hard… but I have tried to put in place strategies that have helped me connect🤝 with others in meaningful ways through this season.
Luckily 🤩things are changing and as restrictions are lifted our opportunities to connect and get closer have increased. Here are some things to consider when going back to “face to face” 👥gatherings, as we connect with friends and family.
💙Understand that people are at different levels of proximity, comfort and mingling might feel weird at first.
💙Maintain your distance and use social clues and body language to determine proximity and social interactions.
💙When in doubt ask. We all have gone through different experiences so if you are unsure post the question.
💙Connect - Make it fun, not weird. Soon you will find that proximity will become more normal each step of the way.
What about you? Take a moment to think about it... What have you done as you continue to “connect” 🤝face to face with friends and family?
God bless you!
Xoxo - Love, Barb 💕