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Just Keep Swimming

This school year is ending... or perhaps have ended already for many people. As a MOM and as a person who works in the school system and who is married to a teacher I can only say WE DID IT! 🎉
Many times I wanted to write about my wins and struggles but I was exhausted, mentally and physically. ONE THING ☝️kept me going... I had hope for the future and I moved forward being grateful about each day's opportunity. There were days that I had to imagine being "Dory" 🐠 and sing to myself "just keep swimming" and I did knowing:
🌟I didn't have to be perfect or have all the answers.
🌟It was ok to cry sometimes!
🌟I could be brave one day at a time
🌟I was trusting God to guide me!
As latinas we tend to show up strong because it's how we were raised up ‘Tengo que ser fuerte” and we tend to forget that it's ok to struggle and that our strength doesn't come from saying I’m ok, our strength comes from showing up even when we struggle. 👣
How are you showing up?
⚜️Defeated or hopeful
⚜️Whining or grateful
⚜️Ready to open your heart and learn or closed up and protective
The way you show up determines how you move forward. It's your choice!
Just keep swimming with a grateful heart💕 and hope for the future believing that all things will cooperate for your good according to God’s purpose in your life. 🙏(Romans 8:28)
Learn, laugh, grow!
Xoxo - Love, Barb 💕