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 Live Purposefully, Passionately and Embrace your Story!

Your Story is Unique- Share it!
How will you describe your story? It's complicated, right?! My story is awkward, messy, and awesome at the same time! And I love it!
The bible says in Rev 12:11 that we have triumphed by the blood of the Lamb and by the power of our Testimony (story)… Meaning, there is power in our story! Your unique path and even the zig-zags of life have brought you to a unique place of victory and now its time to share your story! When we fully embrace the messiness, the awkwardness and the awesomeness suddenly it makes sense and it is not complicated anymore rather it becomes life-giving! As you tell your story (testify) God will use it for His Glory by bringing healing and victory to others!
Dare to proudly share it and you’ll see that is relevant and necessary. Don't allow anyone to silence you! There is a place where your story fits and will be received! There is room for you! XoXo ~Barb

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