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This book will help you reconnect with who you are so you can release a new expression of the purpose of God within you. With encouraging stories and practical steps, Barbara A Velez will help you gain a new outlook of your purpose and a new ability to pursue and awaken your destiny. Barbara draws from her own journey seeking her unique voice and expression. Thru this book, you will:

1) Discover your unique voice and expression
2) Identify the voices and narratives that hinder your progress
3) Get tools for a kingdom mindset 
4) Embrace who you are and start living a purpose driven life
5) Walk in confidence to freely use your unique gifts and God given talents.

Now more than ever it is time to break the cycle of “accidental living” and let go of a mediocre routine that has crippled us and rob us of our dreams. It’s time to dream again, it’s time to live engaged and purposefully, it’s time to Awaken to God’s purpose and destiny for your life… Are you ready?

Barb Velez

“This book Barbara A Velez has written will help the one searching ones Purpose and Original Intent carefully. Barbara brings her own unique experiences coupled with the Biblical narratives to bring the reader into Revelation about one's own Purpose. Why is this book essential? It simply has been written for the reader to Identify themselves in the manuscript. Take the journey with Barbara and her walk with Jesus into your heart and find the nuggets of reality vs our own mindsets. Let thinking outside the box become your reality as you visit with her as she develops her personal Destiny along the way.She is captivating a Christlike mindset in this book REVEALING the truths of scripture and finding one's own way in life. I wholeheartedly invite you to read, learn and grasp that your story is as vital as hers. You will not find judgment or shame in this book. But you WILL find hope and strength as you read through the pages!”

The Rt Rev Theresa Phillips DM